Keerthan Prabhu

Editor-In Chief

Keerthan Prabhu is recognized as the authority in helping college students on How to free

the themselves from "College Loan Slavery" by building Tangible Skill,Magnetic Profile

and Desire Income.In less than 2 years,he has generated well over Rs17 lakhs and more

in revenue through his two successful business ventures in college.

He is the Author of the Upcoming Book "Your Next Brave Move" 7 Simple step by step

system to create the life you want.

During his growth journey Keerthan had the privilege of being trained & mentored by

some of the  great teachers & leaders of the 21st Century like T.Harv Eker, Blair

Singer,LesBrown, Alex Mandossian, BrainTracy, Courtney Smith, Denis Waitley,

Peng Joon, Clinton Swaine & Gerry Roberts!

It wasn't always like this.In 2014,Keerthan was a broke person with lot of confusions,fears 

and doubts about his life and career.In spite of all rejections and criticism he started his

first venture and has never looked back.Over the last two years keerthan has impacted

over 5,000 people through his training and coaching engagements across the cities of


What began as a young person's desire and passion to help people transform their life

 and career lifestyle has grown into keerthan's lifelong crusade as he is called on by

 colleges  and universities to transform their student's life.He is best know as the"Result

 Guy" thanks to his impeccable track record of creating meaningful and measurable

 career lifestyle transformations in student's life.

Whether working one-on-one or with an entire organization,he helps people create the

shifts necessary for positive change,getting them into achieve personal and professional

excellence in all areas of their life! 


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