Shesh Paplikar

        Founder & CEO 

          BHIVE Workspace,Bengaluru

Shesh has built a strong career being at the forefront of technology and client services for Capital Markets. During his 5+ years stay in New York, he and his wife have been enthusiastic users of CoWorking spaces and has learnt a lot from the experience. He has previously played pivotal roles as CTO of Trustlr, Technical Product Manager at Bloomberg R&D in NYC, Global Crossing and invaluable experience working in Infosys and Heastrong, a Genpact company in the early days of his career. He has been fascinated with technology & computers from a very young age and holds a Computer Engineering degree from a leading technology institute in India. For several years he has developed a passion for economics, finance, technology and even started a small business during his college days. He loves travelling and has traveled to various destinations in India and United States. He strongly believes coworking spaces are essential to developing a growing and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in India.

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BHIVE Coworking space in Bangalore, is a start-up ecosystem that provides affordable office spaces to businesses. From entrepreneurs to start-ups to freelancers, it offers a range of facilities that enable individuals and businesses to cowork, connect, collaborate, communicate and commercialize their ideas. The prospects BHIVE Workspaces offer rise beyond infrastructural needs.

It provides start-ups the opportunity to network, ideate, synergise and seek advice from in-house mentors, as well as each other. Moreover, frequent events that take place at BHIVE provide individuals the opportunity to learn, grow and give. Simply put, BHIVE WorkSpaces are a start-up melting pot from where great ideas grow to become greater businesses.

BHIVE Workspace started on November 1st 2014 is the fastest growing Coworking space in India with 50,000 sq.ft of office space under management with over 172 companies across its 4 locations and have executed more than 400 events within 2 years of existence catering to its large growing Community.

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